Why Ianiro / Why MIT?

Since the 1960’s, Ianiro led has been engaged in manufacturing some of the most famous professional lights for both still and video work. Ianiro led now manufactures a full line of professional lighting equipment. Today, while many companies are moving their production abroad to China to reduce cost, we keep manufacturing our product in Taiwan. Now we are able to achieve high quality performance products with reasonable prices. We hope you enjoy them !

Green Policy

Ianiro is fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities with regard to the environmental issues that have been a major public concern. We use XRF instruments to detect those substances designated by the RoHS Directive as hazardous to ensure that all materials in our products are within the permissible limits.

Sales & Support

Ianiro products are available through local dealers. We welcome you to request any service, including repairs, parts replacement, and general sales support. In 2010, we opened Eagle America Sales Corporation in Torrance, California. Eagle America is a wholly owned subsidiary company and was established to provide high quality customer service for not only the USA, but for all of North & South America.